The Wonders of 3D Camera Mapping


MOTALKO, a documentary on the very first Hungarian gas station, contains 3D mapping scenes of analogue photos taken during that time. The result is an excellent footage that will bring you back to that era. View a clip of the documentary here.

The documentary MOTALKO is about how the very first Hungarian petrol station came to be. What’s different about this documentary is the style of the visual presentation of the photos. When it comes to documentaries, the photos that are used are usually presented as a slide show, inserts in between segments or as series of images accompanied by narration. Photos alone can transport you back in time, what more if the photos are in 3D? This is what was done with the photos used for MOTALKO.


For the analogue photos collected for the documentary, 3D camera mapping was used in order to make the visual experience better. Miklós Falvay used Blender 2.49, a 3D computer graphics application, to process the photos to achieve a different artistic display. Modelling, compositing and texturing were big parts of the whole process. 3D camera mapping or 3D projection entails mapping 3D points on a 2D plane, such as the pictures from the film. The result, as you can see, is outstanding.

images via ElmaAltShift

Watching the video will make you feel like you’re walking into the past. This gives the viewers of the documentary a whole new experience, especially the young folks who will watch it to catch a glimpse of history.

images via DeathFall

To view more of Miklós Falvay’s works, visit his Vimeo website.

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    amazing!! :D

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    Awe-inspiring rendering of 2D vintage photos. What a great work to push the possibilities into 3D!

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