The dust has settled in the Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam


What a party, what an opening, what a cake and what a lovely great people that joined the Grand Opening of the Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam! It was a blast. Now it’s about time to enjoy the very first party pictures and look back at an amazing start of a new Dutch Lomography era. Ready, steady? GO!

Yes, we are ready to open the doors and party on.

…the crowd is slowly filling the store and in no time we had more then 300 people celebrating with us!

The architect never wanted to be on the pic. But here he asked for it!

…and Patrick truely needed to show his muscles :)

The cameras were flying around of course.

Flageolet brought us some really nice analogue tunes!

..and Amigos Sjaak & Nout documented everything with their Lomo-customized-mega-camera. Wicked video compilation will follow asap!

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  1. maduz
    maduz ·

    congratulations Lomography Amsterdam!~ Hope you guys enjoy Lomography foreva!~

  2. sass
    sass ·

    It sure was a banging party... The fit out is rad, the cake was delectable and the goods are stupendous... Congrats Lomography NL, can't wait to get whip out the plastic and go nuts ASAP!!

  3. camielioo
    camielioo ·

    Ik vroeg me af of het een complete store met producten is en je ook je rolletjes kan laten cross-processen enzo?? :)

  4. mangaman
    mangaman ·

    will there ever be a Belgian lomography gallery store:_(
    But still, congratulations !!!

  5. mrmaart
    mrmaart ·

    @mangaman - yes we are on it!

  6. mangaman
    mangaman ·

    YAY !!!! ˆ_ˆ

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