A Review of the Fuji Sensia 200


If you go on a trip, would you bring your most trusted films to get more “expected” results; or would you try new ones? On a recent trip to Macau, I brought along 4 films that are new to me: Sensia 100 and 200, Velvia 100F, Fuji Natura 1600 and the Agfa CT Precisa. The Sensia 200 is the first one I used just because I calculated that my arrival time would be around late afternoon to evening, so at least the 200 speed would be better compared to the 100 ones.

I have no prior idea on how the results would turn out — Sensia 200 is very hard to find here, and I actually traded it from my friend who got a huge amount of them when she bought them in Hong Kong a few years back. Anyway, from what she said, the film will produce very natural colors when cross processed, and I think it is really true.

Photos shot from this film, using my LC-Wide, are quite natural in terms of color reproduction. There are no wild color shifts, although the general tone seems to incline towards the blueish side. I think the film loves purple and violet as well, and the colors remind me a little of the Provia, but a much subtle one.

In bright sunny outdoors, the film gives photos a general light blue tone. Nevertheless, I think under shade, the film will intensify warm colors too — take a look at the fruit stall image below, which is comfortably warm among other cooler shots.

This is indeed a good film; for those who prefer a much more subtle “lomographic effect”, this is the film to try!

This review was written by Lomographer shuttersentinel17. Visit the Online Shop or Gallery Stores for more analogue gear.

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  1. nicx
    nicx ·

    Nice pics

  2. sidsel
    sidsel ·

    Great pictures and nice review of my favorite film!

  3. franty
    franty ·

    good photos, i really need to try this film

  4. clownshoes
    clownshoes ·

    Kick'n article

  5. skinnyflyingcow
    skinnyflyingcow ·

    Awesome photos!

  6. feelux
    feelux ·

    Great photos! I'll give em a try

  7. kingt4
    kingt4 ·

    Love Fuji. I will have to try this stock.

  8. boobert
    boobert ·

    great review! lovely pictures as well! too bad Fuji is discontinuing the production of this film.

  9. ho0la
    ho0la ·

    nice :D

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