Analogue Musings with yuppielove: Food Trucks Descend on Calgary

We asked LomoCanada Community member and avid blogger yuppielove to share with us a series of short stories out of Calgary about the different ways she fits analogue into her daily life. Hope you enjoy her musings, this time she seeks out a little Wild West and rock’n’roll with her colour gels.

Who doesn’t love food? Who doesn’t love going out for food? Who doesn’t love ordering food off a truck? This past month, Food Trucks descended onto downtown Calgary for the first time ever. Obviously great minds think alike and there were plenty of local restaurants jumping on the bandwagon to open a food truck.

A cloudy summer day, Stephen Avenue Walk was absolutely crammed with people. Line-ups wrapping around the block for perogies and alley burgers. The media was everywhere asking everyone what their favourite street food was so far. There was people sitting on the sidewalks everywhere chowing down on gourmet hot dogs and Italian food. If food can’t bring people together what can?

My first stop was the glamourous Fries & Dolls truck where I sampled the Sophia Loren Truffle Oil & Parmesan French Fries. Utterly delicious. I met up with my pals Erin and Rachele shortly after and we waited for tacos at the Mexican food truck for nearly an hour. It was worth it! Our tacos were incredibly authentic and the salsa was to die for.

A meal is not complete without some dessert so we stopped at the hip Fiasco Gelato truck for some incredible scoops of Chocolate Thai and Mango gelato. Spicy and sweet all in one little cup.

While the day was cloudy my little SuperSampler-that-could did a great job capturing the iconic look of the brand-new food trucks and the excitement that was had on that first day of mobile food. Perfect.

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