Recycle Your Lomo Packaging!


Do you have a need to keep all things Lomo, including the packaging? Well here is one of many ways to recycle your Lomo packaging.

Many, many months ago I purchased the Square Album Uno and it came with a great box!! Including a little ribbon attached to help open the box! How could I throw away such a shiny box with a ribbon?

A couple of months after that, I purchased the amazing Holga 120 3D Stereo Camera.

Now what should I do with the slides? I can’t just leave them lying around, they’d get damaged. Then I remembered that I still had the box from the Square Album under my bed. (A light bulb flashes on).

So I took the shiny square box out, which still had the extra piece of cardboard in it, and cut it down to make a ramp for the slides to rest on. I hot glued the ramp in, covered it with a non-slip drawer lining and there you go, a nice new home for my slides to safely rest between viewings!

You could decorate the outside of the box too if you wanted. I haven’t gotten that far. And if you don’t have a Holga 120 3D Stereo Camera I suggest you get one!

Holga 120 Pinhole takes you back to the old days of pinhole photography. Due to the pinhole’s small size, every shot is a long exposure. Dive into a dreamlike, medium format world with the Holga 120 Pinhole, available in our Shop.

written by gm_mcleod on 2011-09-15 #gear #tutorials #square #box #slides #tipster #recycle #3d #quickie-tipster #handicraft #3d-stereo-holga #hand-craft

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