Out To Sea: Two Seasons in One Day


It was a typically grey day when we set out on a short walk from Morecambe to Heysham. A quick lunch in a pub, and we emerged to a beautiful, late summer’s day.

Credits: panchoballard

Heysham is a charming little village situated South of Morecambe in the Northwest of England. I used to holiday there as a child but hadn’t been there in years. Scrappysnaps and I decided to walk along the promenade from Morecambe to Heysham and took some photos along the way.

It was grey, occasionally drizzling with rain, and typically melancholic. The Northwest coast is often like that – you get used to it and learn to love it. The weather conditions, whilst not great for colour photography, are perfect for moody, black-and-white shots.

Credits: panchoballard

We reached Heysham a lot quicker than expected and so had a walk around the graveyard. An epitaph on a gravestone stopped me in my tracks: Poet, Philosopher and Failure. Who would put such a thing on their gravestone? I’m hoping it was someone with a sense of humour rather than somebody with a tragic life.

Credits: panchoballard

We needed cheering up after that and so visited the pub to have some lunch. A family sat near us and talked about a jet-setting relation who worked all over the world. It sounded exotic and exciting but I was more than happy with my little corner of England. Lunch (and a welcome beer) over, we headed back out into glorious sunshine. It was like we’d stepped into the pub and was taken to a different continent, such was the contrast. Time to load the Holga up with colour film!

Credits: panchoballard

If you’re ever in the Northwest of England, I urge you to visit Heysham. It’s not a big place, you can see everything it has to offer in an hour or so but it’s a lovely little slice of village life on the coast. And if you’re lucky, you’ll get two seasons in one day.

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