Climb to the Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep!


This amazing temple above Chiang Mai, Thailand, has the triple advantage to offer you a great motorbike or bike ride to go and witness an amazing view of the entire region, and a beautiful, golden Buddhist temple!

Credits: fixou

Visiting Thailand for three weeks, we spent several days in the city of Chiang Mai, which is among other things, full of temples, small and big, new and recent.

A lot of people come to Chiang Mai to use the city as a base camp to explore the region and enjoy activities. Exploring the region’s temples is one of them and you can easily do it renting a bike or a motorbike.

We have to admit that we chose the lazy solution and took the one with an engine, which was a pretty good idea because of the monsoon!

Credits: fixou

The Wat Phrat Doi Suthep is outside the city and you have to drive around 40 minutes to go there, including a 20-minute climb of the mountain Doi Suthep on the Western side of the city. The small motor was brave and allows us to pass several big trucks. Still, with the rain pouring from the sky, as we were under a waterfall, it was not very comfortable.

We passed bikers as well and we did not envy them!

Arriving at the foot of the temple, you can have a quick snack (we had delicious green papaya salad, rice noodles, and grilled chicken) and then began the ascension of the 309 steps to reach the temple. It seems to have a tramway as well, but lucky us, the rain stopped as we finished eating and the sun was shining generously so we chose the stairs.

In the temple, you have to take off your shoes. It’s really beautiful inside – white Chedi, gold statues and roofs, flowers, and the view is amazing outside. You can see the entire Chiang Mai region. Around the temple, kitsch details, like a white elephant statues and a Buddhist garden gnome.

I shot some pictures with my Diana+ and 35mm back, I hope you’ll enjoy them!

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  1. dakadev_pui
    dakadev_pui ·

    i want to go there!

  2. pomps
    pomps ·

    Doi Suthep is an amazing place!

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