Fisheye Rumble in the Pond Chapter 16: Meeting # 3: Flashing Frida and Her Lomographic friends

Origins: Suihogan & lantern on head // flash usage

Frida is the child of a goldfish mother and a lantern fish father. Given this extraordinary parentage, she has a lantern (like a flashlight) above her tiny goldfish head and is known for lighting up every party. It ain’t a surprise that she’s a hardcore fan of 80’s pop music and couldn’t help to invite her Lomographic friends for a little sing along:

“Flash, a-haaaa – sing it with me! Don’t you love this Queen classic? Just like Freddie Mercury, I like spandex and to rock the party from the Northpole to the Southpole! Without my flash-light, I’d be outta luck. There ain’t nuthin’ better than struttin’ ‘round the pond’s dark corners with a nice n’ tight flash light right above your head. Flash, a-haaaaa! He’ll save everyone of us! And he’ll unveil a lot of secrets that you would otherwise miss: like Jimmy and Lucy smooching in the woods, dogfish eating your underwear, grampa feeding the squid, and neighbors peeing in your yard. It all comes to light once you turn the flash on!”

“Rumble in the Pond” is a 368-page hardcover book bursting with 170-degree Fisheye madness. Inside your will find exclusive tips and tricks, Lomographer profiles & interviews, an informative history of Fisheye lenses and goldfish breeding, and several hundred eye-popping barrel-distorted fisheye images. Get your own ""Rumble in the Pond"== Fisheye Book==": now!

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