Immortal Memory: Back to My Childhood in an Analogue Way

Taking the time machine and traveling back to my childhood, I try to capture every little piece of memory with my beloved cameras and make them immortal on film. Just follow me and let me lead your way back to the good old days where my analogue life actually begins…

When I was a little girl, having our own camera at home was not as common as nowadays. No digital camera and of course, no iPhones, taking a picture is kind of a serious task. I remember that when we would like to take some photos during a gathering or a family trip, we had to borrow the camera from my uncle.

Now, I’ve grown up and have fallen deeply in love with film photography; with my beloved analogue cameras, I revisit the places where most of my childhood memory lies which remind me of the good old days.

Life was completely analogue at that time. With no digital camera, mobile phones or computer at home, telephone was the only way out if you wanted to communicate with friends.

Choi Hung Estate, as the name of this housing estate suggested, is painted with the colors of the rainbow. At that time, I was studying in a primary school nearby and this housing estate dressed in candy-like colours was the place where I spend most of my “happy hours” after class. Cafes of traditional Hong Kong style, hairdresser of traditional Shanghai style, grocery stores and playground could still be found there.

Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate is another housing estate where most of my childhood memory lies. I could still remember the days when I went shopping with my grandma in the wet market, and recall how delicious the sweet glutinous rice pudding (with red beans!) tasted that she used to buy me as a reward for my helpfulness. Unfortunately, due to the renovation project, the Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate has been destructed recently and we could only trace back the memory in our photos.

What was my favorite activity during leisure time when I was a child? With no computer nor internet at home, unlike most of the kids nowadays, I spent most of the leisure time outdoors. Taking a walk at the fields and ponds nearby my home with my parents or playing with my pets was what I liked most. Oh, yes, I’m born to be a cat lover!

During summer holidays, I loved going to the beach though I can’t swim!

And sometimes, to amusement parks!

And during Christmas, watched the beautiful decorations out there with my family!

And I remember that my mother used to take me to the Wong Tai Sin Temple at the end of every Chinese Lunar Year for a thanksgiving to god. It is until my revisit that I realized how beautiful this architecture of traditional Chinese style is!

Architecture and places could be destructed and memory could fade, and film photography is the only way to keep images staying real and immortal.

Now, it’s your turn! Let’s get on the time machine together and share with us your childhood in analogue!

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