Celebrate Russian Conception Day and Spread the Love Using the LC-A+!

September 12 marks Russian Conception Day! Since 2007, Russia has been celebrating this holiday to address low birth rates and the results have been phenomenal. Learn more about this exciting event and see our Russian Conception Day themed pictures after the jump.

Credits: strangelilgirl

Russia was facing a demographic crisis and Russian Conception Day was the solution to this problem. With a big expanse of land, low birth rates and high death rates, Russia has been diminishing in population since the early 1990’s. In 2007, Governor Sergei Morozov declared September 12 as a day of conception. During this time, couples are given time off from work in order to spread the love and procreate. As an incentive, couples who have a child 9 months later receive prizes.

After a few years of implementing Conception Day, Russia’s population has been steadily increasing by as much as 4%! Each year, hundreds of women sign up for the competition. 9 months after, the babies conceived on Conception Day will be welcomed to the world accompanied by the Russian national anthem.

Everyone who participates gets to receive prizes like electronics, cash and cars! However, only one winner gets the grand prize. The winner is selected by a committee who deliberates on the matter for weeks. Parents who are chosen as winners should be commendable and deserving citizens. This is an ongoing national campaign in Russia that is truly one of a kind.

We here at Lomography are participating and spreading the love through the Baby for A Car Competition. Read the guidelines, submit your entries and get a chance to win the grand prize!

To get you in the mood for love, here are a few photos from the community taken with the LC-A+. Check out the special edition LC-A Russia Day and practice the art of making love!

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