Nenasi, Pahang: A Pure Fishing Village


Nenasi is a fishing village that is so meaningful to me. Why? This is the place where my grandfather started his family.

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My grandfather was first born in China in early the 1900s. He came to Malaya when he was young. After a few years, he decided to settle down in Nenasi. He married my grandmother and she gave birth to 10 children. My father was born in this village too. I’m the third generation in Malaysia.

When I was a child, my father often brought me back to the village to visit my grandfather. We stayed in the wooden house, with my uncle and aunt and lovely cousins. I had a great time in this village. I still remember that I like to take sweets from my grandfather’s convenience store. I had fun playing around the village with my cousins.

My grandparents moved to Kuantan in the 1990s, and passed away in the late 1990s. Now, the house is still there but has been abandoned.

Abandoned with full of sweet memories.

The village is still pure, because no major changes have occurred. Villagers still stay in their wooden houses, the roads are still the same, still a lot of coconut trees around the house, fishing boats are still parked at the riverside. During noon, the village is silent, you can only hear the ocean breeze and the wind blowing.

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There is only one Chinese primary school there. Most of the villagers send their children to study in this school. But pupils are getting lesser, most of the new generations have moved out from the village.

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Sometimes I still come back to the village because of some personal matters. I love the scenery, I love the surrounding, and I love the pureness of the village.

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Maybe not much activity for visitors but the attractive scenery and pureness of the village is always there and welcomes your arrival. For me, this village is full of memories.

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    great place to go fishing!

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