The Colours of Lomography: Green


Green: the color of life, the sign of summer. The color of photosynthesis, which is necessary for all life on this planet. A really important color you could say. Take a look at some of my favorite greens and photos of trees!

Credits: lighttomysoul

Green is often used in decorating for its calming effect. For example, guests waiting to appear on television programs often wait in a “green room” to relax.

The word green is closely related to the Old English verb growan, which means “to grow”. It is used to describe plants or the ocean. Sometimes, it can also describe someone who is inexperienced, jealous, or sick. In the United States, green is a slang term for money, among other things. Several colloquialisms have also been derived from these meanings, such as “green around the gills”, a phrase used to describe a person who looks ill.

Credits: lighttomysoul

Several minerals have a green color, including emerald, which is colored green by its chromium content. Animals such as frogs, lizards, and other reptiles and amphibians, fish, insects, and birds, appear green because of a mixture of layers of blue and green coloring on their skin. By far, the largest contributor to green in nature is chlorophyll, the chemical by which plants photosynthesize. Many creatures have adapted to their green environments by taking on a green hue themselves as camouflage.

There is so much color all around us and I don’t think we cherish it enough. Color affects us in many ways even when we don’t think about it. As a lomographer, you already know that you’re almost sure to like a photo with lots of gorgeous crazy colors in it!

Do you like green? Natural green or artificial? Share your thoughts!

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  1. ali55
    ali55 ·

    Love green! My favourite colour....great article and photos :)

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