World Heritage Attractions in Agra


Agra is most famous for the Taj Mahal. However are you aware that the Taj Mahal is just one of three world heritage sites that can be found in Agra? The other two notable sites are Fatehpur Sikri and the Agra Fort.

Just an hour drive from Agra is the abandoned city of Fatehpur Sikri. This site was the first planned city of the Mughals and also the first one in Mughal architecture, a style that combines elements from Persian, Islamic, and Indian architectural styles. It served as the Mughal Empire’s capital for only 14 years and had to be abandoned because the water supply was unable to sustain the growing population. Today, this UNESCO World Heritage Site has become a popular tourist destination.

A trip to Agra is only complete with a visit to the Agra Fort. If you have already visited the Taj Mahal earlier, remember to keep the tickets as you are entitled a discount off the admission tickets for the fort. The fort with its high enclosure red sandstone walls is visible from afar. Within the complex, you can visit the beautiful palaces, the hall of public audience, gardens and mosques made of white marble. Be mesmerized by the intricate carvings on the sandstone and beautiful white marble, it is really an impressive sight. From the fort, you can also catch a full panoramic view of the Taj Mahal.

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