La Sardina: Classic Black and White


With its wide angle lens and multiple features, there’s no doubt that you can come up with many creative photos using the La Sardina. Why not go back to the classic feel of black and white photos when you go out for a photo walk? Here are a few ideas that you might want to consider.

Prepare a few rolls of black and white film and get ready to capture some awesome vintage-feel photos! Using black and white film on the La Sardina will help you come up with fabulous contrasts on the photos. This is ideal if you want to capture landscapes on a cloudy day. The wide angle lens of the La Sardina will achieve perfect landscape shots worthy of boasting to your friends.

Credits: wuxiong

Another idea is to experiment with portraits using black and white film. Anything goes! Gather a few friends and conduct your own drama themed photo shoot. Work with different moods and emotions and see what you can capture on film.

Credits: wuxiong & wil6ka

Black and white photographs stimulate so much emotion from viewers. The photos always have a dramatic feel that seems to tell a story. Why not try and capture some interesting subjects and have a go at telling a story through black and white photos? You might be amazed at what you come up with!

Credits: wuxiong & wil6ka

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    this is so cool!

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