Kodak Tri-x 400 35mm


A great film for both outdoors and indoors shooting! Quite grainy and gritty but that adds a nice feel to it. If you haven’t shot black and white before, this film makes a great start for it, with its pleasing results.

Credits: lighttomysoul

I was looking around for a BW film as I wanted to try my hands on one (I’ve only shot one BW roll before and that was some 8 years ago) and I decided to go with this one. I’m happy that I did!

I stuck it in my LC-A+ and went out the door. It was a very sunny day at the end of spring, I met my handsome friend whom my camera loves and immediately started shooting him. When we came home to his place I noticed that my LC-A+ was set on ISO 100 while this is an ISO 400 film! I thought I had ruined the first few frames. But since the little black dude is a clever one, I didn’t!

Credits: lighttomysoul

Indoors is not a problem with ISO 400.

Credits: lighttomysoul

A particular reason I love it is because it produces so many shades of gray while still also having a great contrast! I don’t like BW that looks washed out, where it’s just one gray tone through the entire picture, where the film can’t do white, black, and five tones of gray in between. This one does it.

Credits: lighttomysoul

The pictures speak for themselves. This film won’t disappoint. :)

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written by lighttomysoul on 2011-09-13 #gear #black-and-white #bw #35mm #review #tri-x #kodak


  1. tb
    tb ·

    what developing process does it have? is it d-76?

  2. itsdebraanne
    itsdebraanne ·

    i love the pic with the LC-A and box camera (: im gonna try this film soon. thanks!

  3. lighttomysoul
    lighttomysoul ·

    @tb - I actually don't know! Wikipedia says: silver-gelatin, don't know if that helps
    @itsdebraanne thanks! :) it's a pretty sweet film!

  4. clownshoes
    clownshoes ·

    Funny thing about this film is that C-41 only labs sell this film: CVS, Walgreens, you know those chains. People make the mistake of buying this film from the chains, come back with it, then get turned away.
    Wonderful review and photos :)

  5. skinnyflyingcow
    skinnyflyingcow ·

    Woot! I just got 2 rolls as soon as I read this :D

  6. kingt4
    kingt4 ·

    Keep seeing this and thought about trying it. I think I will have to now, thanks.

  7. peropero
    peropero ·

    I understand why your camera likes your friend.
    Great film!

  8. ho0la
    ho0la ·

    fav film :D

  9. phantomphoenixphotos
    phantomphoenixphotos ·

    The birdhouse and the weathered door are great pictures. Very inspiring.

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