Today is the Russian Family Contact Day!


Get ready LomoLovers! It’s THE time of the year. Today is the big day that we call Conception Day or Family Contact Day in Russia. Are you willing to take part in our crazy ‘Car for a Baby’ competition? Read more after the break.

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For those who don’t know, September 12 was declared a Russian holiday. Governor Sergei Morozov of the Ulyanovsk region gave his people the day off to encourage reproduction as a response to Russia’s population crises since 2007. And nine months from now (June 12, 2012), the babies born on that date will receive prizes as incentives. These births will also be celebrated together with ‘Russia Day’.

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In observance of this, we, here in Lomography support the cause and will give away an awesome Russian family van to a lucky Lomography baby who will be born on the said date through our 'Car for a Baby' competition.

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If you’re not yet ready to make a baby, don’t worry, the contest is not focused entirely on making babies, it’s primarily motivated by love. So yes, you can still win something (Hint: a russian scooter) by submitting a romantic photo of you and your lover.

So, you want in? You can visit our 'Car for a baby' competition page for guidelines. And you can also check this post and also the Russia Day Microsite for more information.

Love rules!

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    oh no lomo is going to turn into a baby making factory lol

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