Resi Febriyanti ( her instagram @xxmybabychi._ and @iam._rre )

Many thanks to @juniardigiugno for selling this precious film to me with lomofriend's price hihihi Nuhun Mang Jun --- Process and scan at Seni Abadi Foto, Bandung --- Bandung Lautan Photographer 2021 @ Critical Eleven ( ig ) Husein Sastranegara airport, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, South East Asia. The annual gathering between hundred photo enthusiast and model that I never missed since the first event except last year when this never ending pandemic made the event are not held and last weekend BLP 2021 are really more satisfied from the previous BLP maybe because of the new place and the crowd are not very massive like before this never ending pandemic. One thing that I forgot to ask, that should be a flight attendant costume hehehe

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