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First year undergrad at Edinburgh College of Art, selling my soul to Intermedia.

I read in the bath, I like stripy socks more than any other kind (and really long socks). I like the surface noise on old records, and the clunk of aperture blades. I read lots. I write lots, more than I talk - not just here. I like sensible shoes and odd shoe laces. I collect things (words, things overheard, trash, cameras, books). I could be a pornstar specialising in hair washing - but I'm not, I'm just an art student. I wrote an art manifesto almost a year ago, I have followers for my art movement! I like making things up, I like pretending. I'm secretly extroverted. I've wanted to be an author, a vet and an air hostess. I've been to different places, but there's a much longer list of places I want to go. I've never eaten meat, unless you count the time I bought a sandwich thinking it was hummus and it turned out to be tuna and I spat it out. I'm an animal person; both a cat person and a dog person.


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