My first best picture.


Supersampler photos always left me satisfied, I took some really great pictures with it but the first picture that left me drooling for about half an hour was taken by a Lomo LC-A:

Credits: zulupt

By this time I was discovering the magic of X-pro and this film had turned out just perfect, the saturation and x-pro colour shift gives this photo a special touch, almost some kind of poetry and, somehow, it was the starting point for me to shoot more slide films.

See some more shots taken in that perfect day:

Credits: zulupt

These pictures are fine too but the first shot really left me amazed was the first one.
Hope you like it as I did.

written by zulupt on 2011-04-10


  1. electricsick
    electricsick ·

    Fotos muito boas, esse sitio não me parece estranho. É onde?

  2. zulupt
    zulupt ·

    Foi tirada no Sítio da Nazaré muito perto do miradouro. Obrigado ;)

  3. lightblue
    lightblue ·

    a fotografia é linda :)