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    B&W. Revelado casero. Negativos escaneados

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    #kodak #eir #1443 #ah-6 #infrared #color

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    Tryin' the classic Contax 139 Quartz Reflex camera Made in Japan

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  • Pilatus Mountain

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    A great and beautiful place near of Lucerne: the Pilatus Mountain is easily accessible, by wandering a few hours or per cable car. The summit is 2128 meters high and the view on the Lucerne Lake and the whole countryside is just breathtaking!

  • LomoChrome Turquoise - reflection

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    #reflection, #Spiegelung

  • Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth

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    Some more shots from the 2011 Calgary Stampede with my Sprocket Rocket.

  • Week end in Paris

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    Rolls in paris/février 2015

  • Trip in New-York

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    November 2012

  • 記憶世界-モノクローム-

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  • Hallstatt

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    #xpan #hasselblad #kodak #aerochrome #mountains #ponies #horses #clouds #red #blue

  • OM-2 + X-PRO SLIDE 200 + MAR16

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    Olympus OM-2 + Lomography X-PRO SLIDE 200

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    #japan #LOMOLC-A MINITAR-1 ArtLens2.8/32M #花 #時間#心#sky#多重露光

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    Stereoaufnahme Parallelblick

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  • J's dream

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    When she falls asleep she gets lost in a world of wonderful creatures and huge flower. Doubles with myself - experimenting with the odd and the unexpected.

  • First Lomo LC-A+!!

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    I'm very glad with this first roll. And the stroy of LC-A+ has begun...

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  • the beautiful end (Portugal #4)

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    Returning from Brazil, turning our backs on Cristo rey and heading toward the beaches of praia morena. But I cannot withold the urge to snap that shutter...

  • selfmade splitzer by @buckshot - strange colours…

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    when i saw the shots of @buckshot he took with his selfmade splitzer for the LC-W i was immediately wanting to try this. so did i. the splitzer is really easy to make but obviously it's not easy to handle everything when shooting upside down. so as you will notice on the shots one side of the shot is more exposed than the other. this is surely due to my finger holding the splitzer when shooting upside down so the finger partly covers the lightmeter. and as you can see there are dark parts on mpst shots. probably my cardboard splitzer was a bit too big so when switching there were parts not exposed at all. so definitely worth giving more tries and maybe using plastic. pls have a look at buckshots album if you haven't yet:

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    #Feinmess Bonotar 105#Macro-Zwischenringe Pentagon#

  • Isola d'Elba

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    In vacanza sull'isola d'Elba. Holga 120 GFN, Lomography CN800. Da notare come la lente in vetro sia molto nitida al centro (quando la messa a fuoco è corretta, ovviamente!) - Holidays on Elba island. Holga 120 GFN, Lomography CN800. Notice how sharp the glass lens is in the middle (when you nail the focus, of course!)

  • Camera: Minolta srt 303 Film: Agfa Vista 100…

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    La mia Minolta srt 303 è in grado, anzi no, era in grado di fare le doppie esposizioni, poi da un momento all'altro ha deciso che basta, era stufa, non ne voleva sapere più di questa funzione!!! Da quel giorno ho dovuto rimediare all'acciacco dovuto all'età avanzata in questo modo... Carico un rullo (un Agfa Vista 100 scaduto nel giugno 2006) con un pennarello indelebile faccio dei segni al primo fotogramma, e scatto, scatto scatto, fin quando arriva il momento che bisogna riavvolgere il tutto, ricordandosi di lasciare il pezzo di pellicola fuori... Ora ripeto tutta l'operazione, rimettendo la pellicola al punto esatto, ricordate i segni del primo fotogramma!!! E si ritorna a scattare... Et voilà... il gioco è fatto, fantastiche doppie esposizioni appariranno sulle vostre pellicole!!! Ed io, questa volta sono veramente soddisfatto del risultato ottenuto...


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    A quick visit a couple of weeks ago to the French King Bridge. I like to go down to the little iron bridge below it. The Millers River flows into the Connecticut River at this point and it's just a beautiful spot to view the FKB and check out the boating action. This was actually about a week after Hurricane Irene hit the Northeast and normally you don't see whitewater rafters on this river but the ones they usually run in the Berkshires west of here were so swollen they were quite dangerous.

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    As the weeks went by, my love for her became an obsession, as is the nature of unrequited love. I spent every penny I had on her, trying to delay the inevitable. I had always naively believed that money couldn’t buy love and it hurt me to admit that, had I been richer she would stay with me longer. But there would come a time when even money couldn’t buy her, like a flame that burned too bright she couldn’t last. So I became an amateur meteorologist, studying the horizon like an anxious parent watching their child take their first, faltering steps, looking for cloud formations and changes in the wind, trying desperately to make the most of our time together. But the happiness I felt in her presence was now tinged with sadness as I could feel her slipping away.

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  • 烈日 -paradise lost

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    EBS(exposing both sides of the film) filmswap with a great photographer fotobes. He shot on normal side first, then reversed the film and I shot on redscale side. Check out the lomohome of fotobes. Also, check out my article about this tipster [How to Take Symmetrical Images with Exposing Both Sides of the Film (EBS)].

  • Tafino B.C. beach walk

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  • Heat destroy

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    I put this film into boiling water and let it boil for 4 minutes. I dried it off on in the sun for a few weeks and then shot it. Simple but quite like it :)

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    Tea Film Filmswap with "beway"

  • Photo a mini Poster

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    Taken from a mini Poster by using light-box and Holga Close-up lens~

  • Pisco Elqui, Chile 2014 - Ikonta 524/16

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    Vacation with family in Pisco Elqui, Chile, during the beginning of this year. Pisco Elqui is a really nice Valley in north of Chile (in Region IV) near the small city of Vicuna where I spent some of the years of my early childhood. The guy on the picture is an optics engineer from Germany who’s dad worked (as he indicated) in the manufacturing of Tessar lens…very interesting. Perhaps, responsible for the development/design of the lens on my Ikonta!

  • RPM Music, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

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  • Skycraper 3

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    Skycraper 3

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  • Last Album Of The Series, Great To End It

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    A very good way to closing down the series. :) ___________________________________________ | Part 1 | Part 2

  • balloons

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    december 08