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  • Back Bay

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    Canon new F-1 // Fomapan 400

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    ISO 100 (kind of)

  • flying

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    fox? nope, it's a cute little girl at the zoo ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Read the article

  • washi film!

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    Washi “S” 50/135 B&W Sound Film - first try - developed in Rodinal 1+50

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    West Coast Trip. #america #westcoast #california #blackadwhite #kodakapx

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    An august travel with my parents to Italy

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    #lomolca #lomographycolor400 #istanbul #snow

  • the blue one were re-scan at Nasir Foto

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    and the vibrant red pinkish were re-scan at Seni Abadi Foto hahaha T_T

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  • #Wander: Seoul, South Korea

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    #xpro #lcwide #seoul #ctprecisa

  • Rostock XPRO

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    #crossed, #xpro, #rostock

  • Korea 2016 with Lomochrome Purple

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    A Trip to experience Autumn in South Korea. Ps a 85B filter was used.

  • Double exposure of...

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    ... peacock & building

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  • Summer Vacation 2011 - The Relaxing Part: Texel

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    The beautiful beach at De Koog

  • Coshmelin

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  • Horizon Perfekt + Ilford HP5

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    doubles with myself

  • Out of the Blue

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    It's been a while...

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    from my first roll of Lomo Slide 200

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    petzval 85 art / ilford hp5

  • Westworld

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  • Camera: Minolta srt 303 Film: Kodak EliteChrome…

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    Colori carichi, calda come tutte le Kodak, questa pellicola mi ha decisamente folgorato... L'ho trovata più di un mesetto fa tra le varie bancarelle del Padova Vintage Festival, non potevo farmela scappare... Con questo rullo scaduto il 07/2007 mi sono sbizzarrito un pò, ho usato filtri, lenti di ingrandimento, fatto doppie esposizioni, e tutto ciò che mi passava per la testa... E il risultato mi soddisfa assai...

  • Art Basel

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    Canon A1 / Fuji 50D xpro / MX

  • Sunrise at Parque das Nações

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  • Win Your Wishlist Rumble 2016 Winners

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    Win Your Wishlist Rumble 2016 Winners

    Are you ready to know who'll take home one of the Community's most coveted analogue goodies?

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    first of a (hopefully) long series of trips in my girlfriend's new city, Berlin

  • the mirror building

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    i stayed in brussels at friends place and the first evening the friend of mine wanted to see some pics i shot. when he saw shots of le corbusier and the snake building he immediately said i have to got to this one building because it looks so cool and take pics of it. so did i. i didn´t expect much because he only told me it looks as being from another time. a bit futuristic. from the street you hardly recognize or see the beauty of it. but standing in front of and looking on the backside blows you. or at least me. there are two shots of the building in the back a mirror building too. unfortunately the sun came out only for a few seconds so i guess in summer you can take great shots. btw: it´s chausseé de la hulpe #181. check it out next time you´re there. you won´t pass there by accident because it´s way outside of the city center.

  • Divoka Sarka and first new neighborhood pics

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    I tested dad's old exposure meter with half of the photos (guess which ones :)) and after a long time I am really satisfied with most of results. So thank you Axel :*

  • 2014 Wet plate collodion image with bokeh- Mr…

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  • A bad thing happened at Externsteine with my…

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    Shooting this was really so so annoying! But not bcs of the film but what happened before. It all started when I finished a roll of EPT 160 and took out the film of the cam: there was no strip to fix it. And I was really wondering but I did not see it. The other day I a was on holidays and drove 40km to the location I wanted to take shots with the Turquoise. So the bad thing happened when I loaded the cam with the film. I closed the back and started to wind to pic #1. But suddenly it got all white in the tiny window. I was thinking WTF! But due to a problem with the rewind spool of my Lubitel I had to wind the roll to the end get it out and then rewind it by hand. When I took the film out of the cam there was the stripe of the EPT just in front of the tiny window. It must have been between the back and the film hold or whatever the plate is named. So rewinding was difficult bcs I had only 3 fabric bags with me. Gladfully they were all black. I put all bag together to have 3 layers of fabric but I already knew that this won't really work well. But what could I do? So I was pretty pissed rewinded the roll in the bags and tried hard to keep my arms together to not get light inside. It did not work that good as you can see. Leaks leaks leaks. Anyway I really like the results of the film meaning how the shots turned out (shot at ISO 100 setting).

  • Dog walk

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    Long (Nahant) Beach, Sh689804 frame_08

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    I can't stop gushing over the little Perkeos. They are my favorite of the 6x6 folding cameras from the golden age of German folding cameras, 1932-1955. They are so well made, so small and so simple. Also, the shutters almost always work and the bellows are usually not pinholed. The chrome was of decent quality and usually has held up well. Most of them do have a double exposure prevention but with a simple modification you can remove it and toss it away making these one of the ultimate medium format doubles machines. Opening the top plate also allows for internal cleaning of the viewfinder elements. The simpler Perkeo I came with two types of lenses, both of which are very good but the Skopars are slightly better. Almost all the Perkeo II cameras seem to have the Skopars and they also had a frame counter and automatic frame stop once you set the first frame and then flip the lever...

  • Bai Tong my Niece ^,^

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    #2013 #Vegas #Holgaramas #neon #signs Yep, they let me loose with one Holga and a pocketful of film in this famous place...

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  • @lakandula…

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    This community have a lot amazing pic and lomographer! I can't tell you how I love them >0< and I decide to take my portrait with these great pic by projector!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but be honestly I'm not satisfied with this results >.< it's too rush to do I didn't finished all I prepare pic. I will do this project again when I have more time :) thanks for they sharing those fantastic pic! I will upload others pic in coming days.

  • #4 Vacation 2013 - Bamberg - chillin at the park

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    After 2 days in Bamberg full of party, a lot of Bavarian beer and food... we needed a day off. We therefore went to the city park in Bamberg. great place to hang out. it was suny so I used my Canon 28mm wide angle lens + lens hood. Unfortunately, you can see the lens hood on all photos. The combination of wide-angle lens + lens hood does not work together. My mistake. : ( so Stupid!!!

  • endless panoramas in tungsten

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  • Fire and Ice #1

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    I can't quite compete with @hodachrome yet, but hey, the dude's on a whole 'nother level ;-). This was my second 'exposing both sides' (EBS) test roll. The black line through the middle is because the black card I taped as a mask in the back of the camera (instead of using a Splitzer) was a bit too big. Otherwise, though, it turned out pretty good, and I can't wait to go do it again...!

  • In your Face!

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    Fotowand verkehrt genutzt.