• moving staircase shots

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    i got to know this location by accident and immediately thought i have to take longexposures there. so when i went there it all went well until an elderly man walked down the station platform. he paced around for maybe 20 minutes and watched me. several trains he could have taken went by. and suddenly he came towards me and asked me if i had a permission to take photos of those people. i tried to explain him that i expose quite some time and so it's difficult to recognize a single person. but as he had no clue about photography he only asked for maybe 10 times if i had a permission. i tried to be polite but at some point i said no and that i don't care about him and his opinion and he should call the police or so. then he got kind of upset and said that if he will ever be on a pic i would really get into trouble. i told him that he did not came down the moving staircase so he is not on any of the pics. so he left. and about 15 minutes later security guys from the u-bahn came by and told me they got a call and i have to leave.

  • South Coast Wildflowers

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    Wild flowers last for about 2/3 weeks at their best in November

  • Yellow Corn Fields

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    This was the first time I tried hand colorization.

  • Tudor XLX 200

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    Mixxed Roll of Bremen, Worpswede, Hamburg over a few month on very vivid Tudor XLX 200. My first roll of this film...i like the yellow and green colour range very much.

  • #21831413

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  • Maafkan semua kesalahanku

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    kursi kereta yang pasti tau

  • 35. Childhood

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    Diving is so pleasant!

  • Group 63 Loop

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    at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie

  • Citra Abdi Pertiwi

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    One of trending photos of October 2015 at --- Citra Abdi Pertiwi one of the wonderful model at Bandung Lautan Photographer 2015

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  • the gift

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    Anthony, my mentor at the photo lab is leaving - for eight years. I went to see him on his last day at work. He had a present for me. It was a pick-up ticket for an item that would be ready at the lab in a week. Mysterious... I suspected it would be a print of one of his photos. Imagine my exhilaration, when I discovered the gift was an ENTIRE ROLL of film he had shot with his Mamiya RZ67 Pro II. A roll of 120 slide film, developed E-6. Not one picture, but ten! And he has not even seen them except thru his viewfinder. Can you imagine a more intriguing gift? Well here are Anthony's photos for you, and for him to see. Thanks again Tony.

  • Focaccia girl

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  • holiday

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  • Swimming in pages.

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    Analog project

  • #20040501

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    Monday in Homestead.

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    Vintage Boats Beatle Colors Old Cranes Bunker ShelterRusty Gasoline Ancient Flowers Mamiya MSX 1000

  • #20987546

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    Images of Campus of Berlin University of Applied Sciences "HTW Berlin" & "Kranhaus" @ Berlin Schöneweide

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  • Juggling

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    I find this bargain on the eBay's shop of a spanish seller. This cam was developed by Cosina as the E1 Solar model, produced as well for another brands as Ricoh -Ricoh XR Solar- and Foto-Quelle -here my Revue Solar 100. Mechanical speeds from 1 to 1/2000, plus B. Silicon sensor lightmeter served by a solar cell that charges a capacitor. Light mostly plastic body. Nice viewfinder with lightmeter indications by a electronic ink display -it works well under daylight, not so easy to read when it goes dark. Double exposure lever... I feel really surprised this camera is unknown in this Lomography page. The lightmeter is really accurated. You only need about 10 minutes to charge the cell, after this you can freely shoot for hours. I used the new emulsion Agfa APX 100 developed with Kodak D-76 (dil.: 1+1, 20ºC, 11 min. + 30 sec. Agitation 40 seconds at start and 10 seconds every minute) Scanned by MAGENTA:

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  • Harpa (concert hall)

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    Harpa is a concert hall and conference centre in Reykjavík, Iceland. The opening concert was held on May 4, 2011. Harpa was designed by the Danish firm Henning Larsen Architects in co-operation with Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. The structure consists of a steel framework clad with geometric shaped glass panels of different colours. Harpa was selected as one of the greatest concert halls of the new millennium by Gramophone magazine.

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  • CAT Global Trade Picnic

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    Fishing Derby

  • Shots From Old Europe

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    House from Worcestershire, England. Built 1600's.

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  • flying bull (brazil #4)

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    the island of marajo is famous for their bulls. the bull cheese is supposed to be a delicatessa and you see them pulling carriages. on our last day we kind of witnessed some sort of bull-race on the beach, with firecrackers for the starting signal. I tried to get close to the action and didn't regret it...

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  • Latvia

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    If you like my analog fotos, you maybe also like my digitals you can find them here: Just Like it ;-)

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    #Lomographycolournegativef2/400 #lola #seatonDelaval

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    I love Volkswagen.

  • LomoWo 2014 Team Meetup (album 1 of 3)

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    Perhaps you have already heard of the "LomoWochenende 2014", which will take place in June 2014 in Kassel (Germany). As its name implies, it will be a whole weekend full of meeting other lomographers, workshops, photography, fun and more! I am part of the team, who is organizing this weekend and so I travelled to Kassel last weekend to meet @frauspatzi, @stellastellar, @thegrump and @trash-gordon-from-outer-space. This was the first time meeting other lomographers! I was kind of upset! :) All in all it was a a little exhausting but great weekend. We regulated a lot of stuff and had time to learn about Kassel. For sure everybody brought his favorite cameras and so these are not the only photos of the weekend. If you are interested in the "LomoWochenende 2014" feel free to visit our homepage (german) or our facebook page

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    Vino, fotos y cuarto oscuro.

  • buckwheat field in the rain

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  • Jongmyo Shrine and Jongmyo Ritual

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    Once a year, on 1st Sunday of May, Jongmyo Royal ancestral ritual is held at Jonngmyo Shrine. This ceremony is one of UNESCO Intangible Heritage in the world. I really looked forward to seeing this, but there were so many people that I thought, so I just walked Jongmyo Shine taking some pictures.

  • the colour of water

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    I was lucky enough to join Vicuna, his brother Gérard and a bunch of wonderful people on a recent trip to Burkina Faso. This is the first album and an encounter of the Northern town of Nouna. Here, Gérard and his Partners, from the French city of Saint Priest and Germanys Mühlheim, are active in developing aid for more then ten years. One of the prime examples are these fountains, that can be easily used by spinning the wheel and which operate through a closed pipe-system, so the water can not be spoiled or infected through an open part. There is also a clever maintenance system. Villagers pay a small fee for using the fountains, like a flatrate pass. This money goes to technicians, who come from the village and who were educated to repair the fountains. Once a device breaks down, they are able to buy the needed parts and fix it...

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  • Nantucket

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    shared by mcrstar on 2011-12-19 - переделка Diana mini под полный формат --- - Diana mini full format mod

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  • Yesterday Night at home

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    invite my lomofriends to show'em how to develop. all the picture are taken using: f4 1/4sec develop in Ilford Perceptol stock 9min at 25°

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    Sensia II 100 expired in 1999, was shot @64, the film was very thick (opaque), I think it would have been better @200. Only a few pictures could be saved...

  • Winter in the plain

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    Ostrobothnian barns

  • TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Awards 2016: Cinematics Winners

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    TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Awards 2016: Cinematics Winners

    The TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Awards is made up of 11 different categories. Through these 11 different categories — 10 unchanging and one modified every year to reflect contemporary global issues — we’re asking to see the world through your eyes and to share your experience as a human on this beautiful, bizarre and bewildering planet. The Cinematics Award invites you into the world of videography.

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