Ambitious Lomo- Newbie from Germany.

Strange girl- strange photos?

I shoot all kinds of film, experimenting and trying to let you all see the world through my eyes a bit... at least for the moment of an aperture speed.

This is my analogue love story:
I stumblem across my first lomographic camera on a trip to Amsterdam. When I discovered a funny looking plastic camera promising a "fisheye effect" I was astonished they still make film cameras these days and had to take it home with me.
The beginning of a Lomolove!
After messing around with some rolls, Iabsolutely fell in love with the lomographic style of photography!
Soon after that, I got my faithful LaSardina Fischers Fritze wich is quite my fave camera and I use it most of the time. I also take it with me almost everywhere I go and it's always ready for a shot.
One year ago I felt like going for thr 'real deal' and was gifted the sweet queen Diana F+ Quing Hua for Christmas. Well. what should I say- she is a plastic precious!
I put on rose- colored glasses again during a vacation in London, where I met the Diana's lil sis- en rose! Just as charming, only cutesie pocket sized.
Talking about pocket size, I am currently awayting to meet my latest online- flirt, the fisheye baby.


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