• Red to burn

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  • From dusk till night

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    Alone in the mountains, with my Canon AE-1, I miserably failed the setting of the camera. Anyway, even if it's terribly disappointing, I had fun, and the sunset was awesome. the sky was on fire, the night fell rapidly and freshly. Alone in the dark at the top of the mountains.

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  • colour me tone

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    swingin slow with my horizon… agfa APX 25 home developed in rodinal , scanned in colour …

  • lubitel 166 olympic edition

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    this camera rocks my socks off, but it s not an easy one...

  • another try with this "hard-to-handle-film" ..

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    I like what the Diana does with it :)

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    A weekend by ourselves.

  • #5 Vacation - Ammersee

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    After three days in Bamberg, it was time for us to get back on the road. Our next stop was Herrsching at the Ammersee in Bavaria. The trip was a nightmare. rain, rain and rain again. The five hour drive was coupled with several car accidents on the highway. The entire first day we arrived we had to stay in the apartment. On the second day the weather was a little bit better. Although it was cloudy but good enough to take some Photos. At noon we went to a bar on the banks to drink our first beer at the Ammersee .... Delicious.

  • Natasha's dreams

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    Sad photoserie frrom the same master class. I like all despite of everything!

  • Autumn leaves

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    From master class in photography. Girls, Kiev 60, slide. Some failed, some masterpieces. See all! :-)

  • Grandfather

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    I like dreams because you can see all kind off people in it. Mostly I like the image of my grandfather who is resting in peace for about 10 years. I remember the short journeys in my grandfather car while we were exploring our country. And still I remember and the view from the back seat of the car and the smell of that car which brings my memories from the past.

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  • getting up close to some FRUIT!

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    ummm, an orange!

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  • Mostrar movimiento

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    Long Exposure

  • Fotoensayo: Luz y Sombra

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    Photo Essay: Light and Shadow

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  • every detail matters

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  • Outings

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    I only really tend to bring my Horizon along when I go to particularly pretty spots. These were taken over August. 1-4 are from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Egypt part, the roof, all amazing 5-6 Central Park 7-8 Inwood Hills Park on the northernmost tip of Manhattan. 9. 5 Pointz in Long Island City, Queens. 10. New apt pre renovations 11. The Lullwater in front of the Boathouse at Prospect Park in Brooklyn

  • American Military Cemetary

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    Located on a 23- hectare plot of land, this military cemetery was created in September 1944 Initiated by the first Infantry Division of the First US Army, the work involved in building the cemetery and the Memorial was finished in 1960. 7,989 American soldiers who fell during the First Army's advance through northern France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany and during the bitter fighting in the Ardennes in the winter of 1944-1945 are buried in this necropolis. All the graves are identical (a white marble cross) and in perfect alignment. General Frederick W. Bastle is buried in this cemetery. He was killed on Christmas Eve, in 19454, when he was in command of the largest group of bombardiers in military history. The Memorial Day has been held every year since 1945, in late May or early June. General Eisenhower in person attended the first Memorial Day. At the extreme right of the colonnade, the museum room welcomes visitors. From the central avenue there is a magnificent view over the Pays de Herve.

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  • 467830

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    My very first LOMO trip in Shi-hu the little cute town. ♥

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  • Autumn began.

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  • Plínio Arruda Sampaio and some street shots

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    The old man is Plinio Arruda Sampaio, who was the socialist candidate for president of Brazil in 2010. His an awesome person, an example of faith in the future and a 82 year lifetime dedicated to the cause of the poor, workers and peasants. And then some street shots and unknown people. This is the forst time i used the lomo earl grey iso 100. I liked a lot! But it´s a slow filme, hard to use in low light conditions!

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  • Cuore di Cane....

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    Scattata nel 1996 a Santiago de Compostela. Omaggio a Bulgakov.

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  • Strolling in Lozère again...

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  • Zenit E vs. Ilford FP4+

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  • People and birds

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    We and they... People and birds... Our elements - earth, the birds of the air. But the sea... The sea - the third element, you know, together. WE and THEY. PEOPLE and BIRDS.

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