Louis Vuitton fashion brand

Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton is not just a fad fashion brand, has been able to become a century classic, the key reason is to allow consumers to enjoy the aristocratic quality. Founder Louis Vuitton, in the 19th century, Napoleon III’s wife, Wu Jieni full-time manual labor and the Queen’s leather division, he invented with waterproof function flat cover hard luggage, rugged quality assurance, suddenly spread throughout the upper-class social, Louis Vuitton bags also come out, and brand attitude become celebrities gentleman go traveling the necessary equipment.

cheap Louis Vuitton waterproof, refractory legend, the true extent difficult to pursue, but it does not need leather or other ordinary leather, instead of using a painting with, called Canvas, canvas material, plus a layer of waterproof PVC, printed on standard pattern , then after embossed before it was completed, this section canvas excellent pressure resistance and wear-resistant toughness to ensure long-term deformation, do not fade, and the pattern intact, almost all of the basic models are This canvas designed to play into the different uses of leather. Production of a Louis Vuitton handbags, must go through the 1000 process. His briefcase early in the design will be carried out for two consecutive weeks in the laboratory, to constantly switch are not deformed test test, strict quality test is to allow consumers to buy the rest assured. Almost used Louis Vuitton leather goods consumers know, cheap Louis Vuitton online leather goods with more than a decade, are still intact, and skin color will be long-term skin touch, over time, become natural and elegant color. There are even rumors, “Titanic” (Titanic) sank a few years later, a salvaged from the seabed hard type of Louis Vuitton luggage, there is not even infiltrated the half drop of seawater; There is also talk of a people in a fire mostly burned clothing, with the exception of a Monogram Glace bags appearance by fireworks blackened deformation, the items inside integrity intact. Although these rumors are a bit exaggerated, incredible, but also prove the world trust the quality of Louis Vuitton, has an unshakable position.

Louis Vuitton outlet Epi leather series is given the magic of color, burst out of a whole new outlook. The vivid and vibrant colors more vivid in their unique texture of leather, this classic instantly become a modern symbol of. Alma handbag series added a new ten color choices. Each color all the time to express self distinctive style and fashion attitude

This design practical Monogram canvas wallet zipper opening and closing of bank notes, documents, coins, can be installed.

written by youxiniwo on 2012-09-19