My renewed love for film again began last year when my friend found a Yashica MAT 125g at a used camera place in the area. She put it on hold for me and the next day I went to see it and knew that this is the one to bring me back.

Although a good amount of my work involves shooting in digital, I try to incorporate at least 30% of my shoot to "Yoshi".

You don't know what your missing till you have been here and left only to come back again. To me, it's more of a thrill to wait for processing to see how your work turned out. I am pretty sure that's what made me a better photographer. Now the thrill is gone and and all we can seem to do on a shoot is "check to see how the shot turned out".

Thanks Deborah for bringing me back to the film side of things.

I do shoot digital a great deal of the time because that is what work usually calls for, but I shoot film every chance that I get.

I think Graham Meyer aka falsedigital summed it up best when he wrote "It doesn't matter what you take an image with, all that matters is how it looks in the end."


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