2013 Krzyztopor Castle (DIANA MINI)


Let’s make a little break (a poem!! ;) ;) ;) ) in the Diana Baby series. But we will stay in the DIANA world and Austrian stuff related with analogue photography.
So – this time – my beloved Lomography DIANA MINI and – the first time for me – Lomography film – 100/36 Colorneg.

Credits: yerzmyey

First – like somebody wrote already in this portal – I forgot how much I like the cute Diana Mini: using it and the photos it can take. And of course how pretty this machine is. :) :) :) The most ‘compact’ in the compact-cameras’ world, the most handy and comfortable in usage.
But second – the film was an experiment to me. Normally I was using films like Kodak or Fuji (and similar, possible to buy in regular photo-shops). Lately they were 200 ISO, so I wasn’t sure what would come from the Lomography Colorneg, which is 100 ISO.

Credits: yerzmyey

So – in 15.08.2013 we went to the Krzyztopor castle (what’s funny, its name could be translated as “Cross axe” ;) ;) And actually it shouldn’t be called a ‘castle’ but a ‘palace’). I had no flash-lamp, so I wasn’t sure how would come out the photos made deeper in the castle – with less of light – on the 100 ISO film. And imagine my surprise when I took the photos from a lab and… 99% looked very well, even those photos from “almost-dungeons” places! :)

Credits: yerzmyey

I can state now – the Austrian combo “Diana Mini + Lomography 100/36 Colorneg film” is EXCELLENT!!!!!!
Now I’m sure: next films I will buy – will be the Lomography Colorneg FOR SURE, again!

Credits: yerzmyey

Anywayzzzzzz. As You can see, the castle is really nice and in some places it looks like a Colosseum or sommit, heheh. I even didn’t know we had something like that in our country. :)

Credits: yerzmyey

PS: I made in this place also several shots with other machines but I will upload them later – don’t wanna flood this portal with photos, You know.

Credits: yerzmyey

written by yerzmyey on 2013-08-29


  1. ikondave
    ikondave ·

    You must have very steady hands to capture such clear images with that camera!

  2. yerzmyey
    yerzmyey ·

    @ikondave Heheh, when I drink 3 beers my hands stop to shake somehow. ;) ;) ;) ;)
    However there is wisdom in Your statement :) - I also noticed I have to be veeeeeeeeeery careful while making photos with Diana Mini and Diana Baby. And indeed I try to keep it as steady as possible.
    PS: Although I was after several beers indeed, while making those shots, in this album, hahaha. :) :) :) :)

  3. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·