My first 'touch' with Diana (MINI ;) ).


OK then, finally they returned my latest photos from laboratory! ;) (After a week, grrrrrrrrrrr).
I knew there had to be some troubles with it. ;) I waited to see the photos TOO unpatiently. ;)

My the newest album has been made in May 2013 and it’s a totally first collection I made on a camera different than LOMO Smena 8M!!! ;)
After 30 years I used something different. But it was surely a special camera too – Lomo-reincarnation :) the LOMOgraphy Diana Mini! :)
The album is here:

Credits: yerzmyey

And interesting thing is, that due to its lens characterictic, there is a special polarization of ligh that gives a very distinguishing vintage/oldschool picture and really interesting colours which are not possible to obtain on modern digital cameras.
Also, the photos are indeed twice smaller than on Smena (still – on the same 35mm film), so it’s possible to obtain more ‘grainy’ picture, which is so cool in lo-fi analogue photography. :)
So I can say I’m really happy I managed to buy the Diana Mini. It gave me exactly what I needed.

Probably I’m not as good as real Diana’s experts & connoisseurs whom I found among the users, but I do hope You’d like my new album after all, guyzzz. :)

Credits: yerzmyey

As You will notice, the light that day was very changeable however finally it gave some interesting light-effects despite of numerous clouds sometimes (well, actually the clouds were pretty nice too, haha ;) ).
I do hope it’s not the last album I make on the cool tiny and kawai Diana Mini! :)

Credits: yerzmyey

PS: However it’s possible the next one will be made on… Diana Baby, that I bought last times too!! :) :)

Credits: yerzmyey

written by yerzmyey on 2013-06-10


  1. tasjarhodes
    tasjarhodes ·

    Great album :)

  2. yerzmyey
    yerzmyey ·

    Hey, thanx a lot! :) It was my first approach to a new camera! :)

  3. pararoge
    pararoge ·

    I've got the Diana Mini. She's really good camera. Nice pics man.
    Perfect for portraits!!! Check my profile and see a few pics takes with DM.
    Enjoy it!!! :)