Hi there. Some new lo-fi photos from me (again: 1/4 of the standard 135 film's frame, so as small as 110/pocket film's frame, or so). Made in Sandomierz city, in September of 2018, with ActionSampler small plastic camera and the Lomography 800 film. It's not that easy to buy the 110 films, and even more hard is to find a photo-lab that will scan it. The solution might be the 1/4 of the standard 135 film's frame made with the Lomography ActionSampler camera. 4 lenses give You 4 slightly different lo-fi photos on one 135 film's frame. Not only You get a very small format (like I said, 1/4 of the 135 looks like a photo from 110/pocket film) but also: You have 36 shots (or a bit more) instead of 24. AND moreover - You can chose one the best shot of the 4 variations from every photo You take. We obtain the lo-fi screen then, easy to scan for every photo-lab. And we can use the standard 135 film, one can still buy everywhere. The only thing You have to do is to "crop out" the best variation from the ActionSampler's quadruple shot. Nice and easy. AND STILL LO-FI!!!! :-D

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