How to make LO-FI photography with regular 135 films Hi guys. :P This time I'd like to write about another way of making the lo-fi photography. Well, the 110/pocket microfilm would be obviously the best way. But it's not that easy to buy the 110 films (also not every country has its own Lomography Embassy), and – although developing is not a problem at all – still, even more hard is to find a photo-lab that will *scan* the developed 110 film, sadly. I was wondering then, what the solution might be, for a lo-fi photographer. And You know what is it? The 1/4 of the standard 135 film's frame. Namely: the Lomography ActionSampler camera. Yes, I know what You might say – it's a good touristic / fun camera but not necessarily associated with the art or lo-fi photography. Well, it may be true – but in my opinion the machine is a very good tool for our purposes too! Its four lenses give You four tiny and slightly different each-other lo-fi photos on one 135 film's frame. (!!!) Hence - not only You get a very small format (1/4 of the 135 looks like a photo from 110/pocket film :-P ) but also: You have 36 shots instead 24. AND moreover - You can chose one the best shot of the 4 variations from every photo You take. We've got the lo-fi screen then, easy to scan for every photo-lab, as they just should treat is as the regular 135 film - and we can use the standard 135 film that we can still buy everywhere. The only thing You have to do is to "crop out" the best variation from the ActionSampler's quadruple shot. Nice and easy. AND STILL LO-FI!!!! :-D You have to remember 'though to order the scanning in *better* resolution than normally, so the small lo-fi shots weren't pixelated. We can use 'stronger' films to obtain more clear screen (Lomography Color Negative 400 ISO 35 mm film could be a good choice), however, on the other hand we might take a risk ;) and make some additional lo-fi experiments, using the LomoChrome Purple Film 35 mm, ADOX Color Implosion 100 ISO, Lomography XPro 200 ISO 35 mm or Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 35 mm. The choice is Yours and the possibilities are wide & numerous. Also, there are several possible machines to obtain – I for instance use the ActionSampler Clear but it might be any ActionSampler's model. It can be obviously also the Lomography SuperSampler camera. Moreover, it can be also the LomoKino, if You just take one shot at the time, instead of making a movie with it. It also uses a standard 135 film and give interesting lo-fi and wide-screen picture (with hundreds of shots instead of 36 only!!!!). So anyways. The idea works just fine and has been tested by my in practice. The shots from ActionSampler are cool and resemble the well-known 110/pocket film's feeling. Especially if You'd additionally experiment with various films. PS: In my humble opinion also the Diana Mini classifies well. It uses a standard 135 film, make small shots (can be ever twice smaller than the standard ones), which means it can give a good lo-fi artistic feeling and effects. But maybe such a HUGE ;) screen would be too... high-tek for You? :-> :-) :-P PS.2: Location - Tuchola Pinewoods. Time - April 2017.

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