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Credits: ydpsh

Hey Lomomo, mind if I convert your 250€ to about 15000₱?

My love and I would be finishing our undergrad this year. It would be nice to celebrate post-thesis, at least before we start working for real. I was hoping I could take him to Tokyo, but that’s too expensive. A beach trip would be nice too, but we’ve already done that. Plus I don’t think November-December is not really a pleasant time to be swimming. So I thought we could go to Tagaytay, as he planned to take me there back when we were just getting to know each other. If I win this, we might be able to finally let that happen :D

We’ll leave for Tagaytay in the morning, and be there by lunch time. We’ll eat packed lunch at the Picnic Grove, then try out the zipline and cable car. Then we’ll head to Taal Volcano for some trekking and horseback riding! For dinner, we’ll have a vegetarian meal at Sonya's Garden where we will also stay for the night.

I’ve always dreamt of going on a date in an amusement park, so on Day 2 after breakfast, I’ll take him to Enchanted Kingdom where we can spend the whole day riding the Roller Coaster til we spill our guts out. We’ll end the day by watching the fireworks in the park before riding a bus home.

Cost Breakdown!

Day 1
Ride to Tagaytay: Php600
Picnic Grove entrance fee: Php100
Lunch: on us!
Zipline/Cable car: Php1000
Boat to Taal: Php1500
Horse ride: Php1000
Sonya’s Garden: Php7000 (room, dinner and breakfast)
Extra transportation allowance: Php500

Day 2
Enchanted Kingdom tickets: Php1000
Lunch: Php500
Ride back to Manila: Php600
Extra transportation allowance: Php500

That amounts to Php14300, leaving us with around Php1000 with which we can buy 8 rolls of cheap film and 2 servings of delicious milktea.

That’s it. I just really want to spend time with my love and ride horses together and of course, shoot each other forever♥

Credits: ydpsh

written by ydpsh on 2011-08-19