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    A little vacation photos

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  • My Favorite Lomograph #2

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    This picture resulted from the random loss and rediscovery of a special role of film. The first layer was shot during the Oregon Country Fair, a three-day summer festival of art, music, peace, and goodwill set in the forest outside of Veneta. As soon as I got home from the fair I set my shot rolls of film in a safe place until I could take them to the lab the next morning, yet somehow over the night they disappeared, leaving me very sad. Two months later, when I got prints back from the lab of my trips to San Francisco and Yosemite National Park, I discovered that the roll had re-emerged, under the pictures from my trip. The happy accident resulted in three of my favorite photos ever, including this one.

  • A walk with a dog

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    and a Lubitel 2 loaded with Rollei Crossbird 200 + skateboard

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  • Autumn began.

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  • family

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    time change, people get older, analog stays... love my parents... <3

  • Retro NY

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    Some additional photos of New York City I took on spring break. I love the dramatic black and white Rollei Retro gives. It really seemed like the right feel for the 9/11 memorial.

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  • BKSPicture

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    You can find more of my work on my homepage: _________________________________________ Also have a blog where I write about my photo experience, tips and trick etc. . . . . . . . . _________________________________________ Facebook:

  • Black & white baby!

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  • bOTTOM'S uP

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  • Red Red Red Risin Up

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    my eyes hurt

  • by trixxx

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    sunset on the roof of berlin&#39;s abandoned icecream factory

  • Zeven redenen waarom je zwart-wit moet proberen

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    Zeven redenen waarom je zwart-wit moet proberen

    Twijfel je of je zwart-wit film iets voor jou is? Dan zijn hier een paar goede redenen om het gewoon eens te proberen.

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  • Untitled

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  • The Blue Biltmore Collection

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    Long story: I got a new computer with a new OS, my old scanner software wasn't compatible... and since I have no money to spend on scanner software, I downloaded a trail version online with limited features. One of the features that it limits is the ability to control ANYTHING. So, when I went to scan my Lomography Redscale XR film using the trail software, it attempted to auto-correct my redscale images and did not allow me to adjust any settings otherwise. I got grainy blue images, said "okay, whatever," and the Blue Biltmore Collection was born. (in case you can't tell by the photos, they are of the Vanderbuilt estate)

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    Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam

  • Lighthouse Beach Kovalam, South India

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    One of the most popular pictures 2011

  • Manchester Town Hall

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    With this collection of photos I attempted to capture industrial, Victorian Manchester but couldn't avoid some contemporary elements entering the photos. I quite like that though.

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  • De uitgebreide gids voor vintage films en camera's

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    De uitgebreide gids voor vintage films en camera's

    Op de zolder van je ouders vind je een oude vinyl plaat van Michael Jacksons hit Thriller, waardoor je vervolgens een oude platenspeler koopt. En voor de laatste drie bruiloften die je bezocht vond je de perfecte outfit in die geweldige vintage kledingwinkel in de stad. Oud is het nieuwe 'nieuw'.

  • On a night out with borg_koenigin and artichekt

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    Spontaneous night out with our lomofriends in Düsseldorf for a great burger in the famous "Space Burger" restaurant and a few cold drinks ;-))

  • ♡LOVE♡

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  • Summer!

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    ...with Holga 135 TIM

  • Mater

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    A fun find out in a country field of Johnston, RI.

  • Holga 135 BC, gemaskerde koningin

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    Holga 135 BC, gemaskerde koningin

    Semi bij toeval gekocht, maar nu duidelijk één van mijn favorieten. Ik probeer haar zo vaak mogelijk mee te slepen. En heb je een niet te groot budget en wil je een nieuwe analoge camera kopen, dan zou ik Holga zeker overwegen.

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  • Zheleznica's fields and slopes in Infrared

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    Rollei IR400, shot with an IR720 (720nm) filter. I am generally pleased by the result, but could be better - especially that strong vignetting in one of the corners.

  • Primi passi nelle canoe

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    Tour cicloturistico 2012 intorno al lago di Costanza: quarta tappa

  • Cemetary 1

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    Kodak Aerochrome, Orange Filter, Rated at 320 ISO, C-41 Dev

  • Historical Elmwood Cemetary

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