2/52 Rock 'n' Roll

I have a liking for musical instruments that is not quite equivalent to my liking for cameras. As I have mentioned elsewhere, they are simple machines that allow us to express beauty. I consider myself an operator not an artist. If I want to make it to Carnegie Hall I’ll have to practice… A lot.
This picture was taken on my Olympus Pen EES-2. This is a half-frame camera that produces 18×24mm exposures on 35mm film. This type of camera was popular in the 1960’s as it was possible to get over 70 exposures on a single roll of film. Unfortunately, I discovered a problem with this camera shortly after I had started to use it this week. The lens assembly became loose which led to focussing problems and advancing problems.

I am not really happy with this weeks picture but I have learned a number of things…

My schedule for the weekly film posts needs to be better organised.
I need to make better use of daylight hours.
I need to consider other sources of light than a camera mounted flash.
I need to think about reflections.
My props should be clean.
I need to be more careful about viewfinder offset.
I am sure there are many more things and I am happy get any feedback.

Incidentally, I recently discovered the Agfa Image Centre on Herbert Road in Bray. They developed and scanned my film at a higher resolution and took better care of my film than my previous DnP shop. Being within walking distance removes one of the excuses I was planning to use for delays with this project.

written by yarglags on 2011-01-29


  1. ali55
    ali55 ·

    love the uke :)

  2. yarglags
    yarglags ·

    Yeah, crazy instrument and where did they get the name from?
    Thanks for the comment.