• A way to save Kodak's film division...

    written by wn7ant on 2012-09-03

    This is a copy of a IndieGogo submission. They obviously want to save Kodak's film division, AND HAVE BEEN IN CONTACT WITH THEM! That matters.

  • Rollei's next great 35 series camera

    written by wn7ant on 2012-07-05

    A discussion on the next great Rollei 35 series camera designed with lomographers in mind.

  • My great heresy

    written by wn7ant on 2011-12-22

    Considering economics and quality, the future looks film free...

  • The next LomoKino

    written by wn7ant on 2011-11-17

    Assuming that the LomoKino is a successful enough product, what would the next one look like?

  • In the era of digital media, why analog photography?

    written by wn7ant on 2011-11-03

    An answer for a reason for analog photography.

  • Rollei 35, the forgotten tool

    written by wn7ant on 2011-10-20

    Discussion of the Rollei 35 series of cameras and how they relate to lomography. Ideas for use, techniques, and benefits to consider.

  • My Instax Business card instructable

    written by wn7ant on 2011-08-13

    I created a way to make unique instant business cards using my Instax mini 50S. Different. That is what sparked the idea for this Instructable. I wanted business cards that married Digital to Analog. I wanted something I could create myself, and that could be different every time. I wanted something that would cause people to be interested in it. I wanted to make something in front of people.