Poem: All My Lomo Friends

Credits: willyboy

When I was asked to perform some poems,
I thought about my subjects,
Longggggggggggg and hard.

I wondered what I could bring,
to help impress Greg the king,
the London Lomoguide Editor.

And so I quite naturally left it until today,
hoping that my lack of creativity would just go away,
having only just thought and not penned.

Thankfully in the last few hours it came,
From Facebook and a status so very lame,
It would make you wanna slash your wrists.

The thought in debate?

Well it went like this.

Who do I reply to most, what really makes me want to boast?
On which walls do I click and type and post?

There’s Roger Holland, of Lomography East,
who always prepares quite a feast
of interesting Holga stuff.

There’s Gemma White, manager so fair,
so Irish she’s beyond compare.
But wait cos’ there’s Emma Turpin.

There’s Svala R, the communist,
the shop assistant with which I tryst,
her friend Bryndis who I quite miss
and Alex Wilson who I want to kiss.

But wait, you’ve missed this store, I hear -
and it wouldn’t be right to leech…
any more free beer.

So here’s to Mark and his cheeky grin,
here’s to Kiera in Paris drunk on gin

here’s to Hannah who of more I wish I knew,
and to Liana for managing this motley crew.

And now I speak for all of us,
without making any more big fuss,
when I say thanks for the service in your stores,
I wish all other shops were more like yours!

And thanks for your facebooking and tweeting too,
it’s a wonderful break from the work I don’t do!

written by willyboy on 2011-04-04


  1. neja
    neja ·

    it was an honor to hear it live:) as I said alreday, I never heard lomo poems before:)

  2. mariefisen
    mariefisen ·


  3. ibiza_hippie
    ibiza_hippie ·

    omg! I'm famous!