I haven't been to many weddings, yet. Still I have to say, that this is increasing lately, and that makes me worry;) One of the latest was an Andalucian wedding in Spain. Quite a bunch of people came from all over Spain and Europe to the tiny town of Tossa de Mar, which is perfecto for the romantic side of klife. The streets are narrow and as old as the eglisas. There is this certain flavour of eternity lingering in the air. And allthough for the priests, this is business as usual - there are thousands of weddings every weekend in Spain, they can't get enough of it - they really make a great job in creating a timeless atmosphere. Something special to the Katalan region in Spain is, that this wedding was held bilingual. So all the psalms and good wishes were presented in Spanish and in Katalan. This makes the event a bit longer, but it is quite interesting to listen. I know that marriage is an important topic among the catholics in Spain. And if it comes to fashion, they certainly have a great taste for clothes and accessoires: The guests are really fashionable with large scarfs over their shoulders and with pretty fans in their hands. Kids wear suits and the bride is of course the queen in her white dress.
The young are quite flexible on the traditions today, after the ceremony and the obligatory throwing of the rice we went straight to the party. Half the group on foot, the other half in a mini-train, usually occupied by the summer-tourist. This was quite cute.

At the hotel nice food was assured and a good mixing of the old and the young - which I always find the most exciting part. What I hate - but what is inevitable - are the jokes and sketch-comedy, played by the best friends of the groom. Like doing a smurf-dance and yelling through a megaphon. I always find this incredibly funny and burry my face and ears in the wedding-cake, when the action starts. The

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