Yes it is weird, but if you like weird stuff you should definitely continue reading.
I have heard about chessboxing almost a year ago, as I was reading a short article about the championship of that discipline. Obviously it was a fresh sport that combined the number one fighting sport with the number one thinking sport.
They start playing Chess for 4 minutes in the ring and then they will box for three minutes in the very same ring. After that they continue in that manner until the 11th round. You will win either through K.O., Check Mate, submission, when your opponents time is running out or through a point-system. But I should mention that no fight has gone all the distance! This November it was announced that there will be the first worldchampionship of chessboxing I was up to do a report about it and went to the Berlin Chessboxing Club to witness the pressconference. They tried to present in a very professional way, like the big shots will do it. And eventually I would suggest they have great commercial potential. They are negotiating with casinos in Vegas about a series and the sport is really appealing as I saw it on championship night. They thing is, while playing chess you need your cool and your brains, to think strategically. Some people say boxing is the same, but in the end of the day you really get beat and your adrenalin is pumping. After a round of chess you have to get all calm again and to think straight. The prefight showed the tension in this sport quite well. The guy being good in chess wasn´t so good in boxing. In the fifth round or so he still had 10 minutes on his clock and the other guy had 2 minutes. The opponent knew, if he is not winning this next round of boxing through K.O he will not succeed in the whole fight, because his time will run up in the next round of chess....

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