Ilford Blues

Once I laid eyes on that offer on eBay I was instantly stunned. There was a slidefilm of Ilford. That British filmproducer came out with their own branded color transparencies? I certainly won the bunch and tried them myself, those Ilford Dia 200. Even more so, because it used the German name for slidefilm: Dia.
I mean most of us are pretty much digging in the dirt of the past when it comes to photographic films. We only have an idea how the heydays of analogue photography were like, with full shelfs, with hundreds of different kinds of emulsions. Now we are the keepers of an idea and we are trying to keep it alive. And we are happywith what we have and once in a while we will find a rare gem that makes our day.
To say it upfront the sizzling excitement of a discovery beyond belief was not met with likewise results. The results are rather absract, the pictures are grainy and the contrast is low, and everything is blueish. And I have to say there is something with blue, most expired slidefilms have this tendency to go blue. But my explanation is, that just everything else, all the other colours vaporize, and the blue stays.
I might have been a bit disappointed this time about the results. But anyway I would always do again, I would always hunt films, that I have never heard of. And once in a while I will be treated with the little magic of incredible photographic results.

city cologne cross expired grainy lomo plane signs test wide
Lomo LC-Wide (available in our shop)
Ilford Dia 200
Ilford Blues
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