creatures from inner and outer space

The history of film producer must be as confusing and incestious as the web of royal relationships of the European kingdoms in the 17th until 19th century. Back in the day, a German noble becomes the Russian Czaress, French Lords became kings of Spain and even the Danish were ruling all of Scandinavia. A marriage here, a war elsewhere, a coup d'etat everywhere - such a mess. Nothing was like it seemed and you could never trust what you were told. And with the Scotch Super Chrome 1001 it’s history repeating.
In the 1980s and 1990s filmproduction reached ist height and every company, that had kind of a chemical production wanted to have a share of the cake. So where did this brand Scotch came from? I read it is a sub-brand from 3M, an American technological cooperative from Minnesota, which does so kind of everything. Among there biggest products is... Scotch. Like Scotch, like tape, like adhesive plaster. And because Scotch is such a big name, 3M decided to use that name for film production. But on top I read, that this went over to a company called Ferrania, which I certainly see in Italy. But there we are again with the royals, you never know what you get.
Let’s talk about the Scotch Super Chrome. So my first thought is this film was refilled in Italy with some other emulsion of the big film companies. Such as Lomography is filling some of their films in Italy. So what do we have here? I crossed this slide-film, as I do it with every expired slide-film. It is in a way redish, magentish and the grain is kind of unique. Not too strong but visible. I don’t think it’s AGFA material, it would be bluer, when you cross it. I also don’t think it would be Kodak Material, it would be greener. I believe it must be something close to a Fuji Astia. Or it is truely an unique emulsion from 3M. In any way. I like it a lot. And I am happy, that something nice came out, because that is always a risk, too. And especially because it was alovely day in Almaty,

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