Belairgon 114mm f/8 Lens


I received my Belairgon 114mm f/8 Lens today. It seems to be well made. The mechanisms worked smoothly. I was very happy to see that the lens is threaded for filters. The lens is also very heavy. With the lens attached the weight pops the camera open if the front is in the retracted position. This is not a big deal, but when I carry the camera I try to hold support under the front instead of just holding it by the back. (The lens is so heavy that I think it’s more like adding a film holder to the back of the lens instead of adding a lens to a camera.) One negative is the viewfinder. It doesn’t have the marks to show the limits of 6×12 and 6×9 frames. It’s marked for the 114 mm lens, but it appears to be a modified 90 mm viewfinder. There is a colored gel around the edge that (I assume) shows what is in the viewfinder that will not be on a 6×12 image with that lens.

written by wideangle on 2013-06-27

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  1. wideangle
    wideangle ·

    I just finished my first roll with this lens. Sadly, it was afflicted with the "loose roll" problem that afflicts some Lomography 120 cameras. It's a chronic problem for my Diana F+. I guess I will have to start shimming the supply reel on the Belair to make it wind tighter. It may be several days before I can get to the lab so I'll have to wonder how well the new lens worked.