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  • Tree Veins

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    One of my favourite lomographs. I had been inspired by other photos using silhouettes, and I really like the way the sun glasses still come through. Also, it is of my girlfriend, who got me into lomography by getting me a Diana Mini for my birthday, so I was glad to put it to use and capture her in a really interesting photo.

  • bamboo thicket in Kyoto

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    I was living in Kyoto, one of the most popular area especially in autumn red leaves season, in my early twenties. But didin't know a lot about photography then. Since I started lomography my strong desire for KYOTO WITH LOMO has been geting bigger and bigger. ( I haven't seen any lomographs of Kyoto ever!) In this autumn I finally could visit there with LOMOs and enjoyed just one day lomowalk. Needed 3 days more at least! I had nice time anyway :)

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