• Oh Pop 9, I guess it wasn't meant to be

    written by weedos on 2012-11-29
    Oh Pop 9, I guess it wasn't meant to be

    I finally bought a Pop 9 and broke it.

  • Analogue Alberta's First Event

    written by weedos on 2012-03-13
    Analogue Alberta's First Event

    It's official. Grab your camera's fellow Albertans (and anyone else who wants to play), we are getting together in April.

  • Poor Neglected Piggies

    written by weedos on 2011-03-24
    Poor Neglected Piggies

    I know I don't often use my piggie points and I've heard a few disgruntled rumblings about them. I am not here to complain, I have a proposition for the good people of Lomography.

  • Around the World in 72 Frames

    written by weedos on 2011-02-28

    The best idea that someone else already had. I had a fantastic idea. I was so exited. I even had a name for the website picked out. It was the best day ever! But when I went to check the URL, somebody else had already had the same idea.

  • I have a lot of cameras...

    written by weedos on 2011-01-07

    My Holga needs some serious loving