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  • Fireworks

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    on a tripod, aperture "sun", Bulb mode, leave the shutter open for a duration of two or three fireworks

  • American Military Cemetary

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    Located on a 23- hectare plot of land, this military cemetery was created in September 1944 Initiated by the first Infantry Division of the First US Army, the work involved in building the cemetery and the Memorial was finished in 1960. 7,989 American soldiers who fell during the First Army's advance through northern France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany and during the bitter fighting in the Ardennes in the winter of 1944-1945 are buried in this necropolis. All the graves are identical (a white marble cross) and in perfect alignment. General Frederick W. Bastle is buried in this cemetery. He was killed on Christmas Eve, in 19454, when he was in command of the largest group of bombardiers in military history. The Memorial Day has been held every year since 1945, in late May or early June. General Eisenhower in person attended the first Memorial Day. At the extreme right of the colonnade, the museum room welcomes visitors. From the central avenue there is a magnificent view over the Pays de Herve.

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