How to Make a Rainbow

Credits: lightblue

My sky was crowded
And grey clouded
It was only above my head
Foggy weathered

Your sky was sunny
And yellow happy
It was only above your head
A bright pleasant day

A hole above my head was pouring
Big raindrops falling
And I was soaked
Like a laundry soap

A happy sky above you
Look how the sun shines for you
And you are radiant too
Like a glowing sunflower bloom

I was monochromatic blue
A puzzle with no clue
Nothing more than a little boy crying
On a hazy rainy day

I saw you dancing
In the waves of light jumping
Like a little girl playing
In a cool summer’s day

I smile :)
In my drizzly space
Waiting for you to come
And bring the sun.

To build our rainbow :)

written by walasiteodito on 2012-05-24