• ...out of reach for a while...

    written by volker-jp on 2012-06-17

    dear friends! sorry for my rare visits lately. I am about to move and will be out of reach for some time. As soon as I have internet connection I will come back to you! I wish all of you a great time and a happy weekend! Till soon! greetings, volker-jp

  • ...dear friends...

    written by volker-jp on 2012-05-29

    ...dear friends... ...lately I am very busy and don't have enough time to check and like all your great albums, posts and pictures. I didn't forget about to check your posts and want to reply to all of you guys... it needs time, but I try to answer and check all your stuff if time allows... Lots of lomo love to all...

  • any advice, friends?...

    written by volker-jp on 2012-03-16

    I am going to Taiwan from tomorrow and stay for a week. Which cameras shall I take along? The lca+ is joining me for sure. What else should I take. lcwide Lubitel diana smena symbol horizon. want to limit it to three cameras... looking forward for your recommendations.

  • ...away till Feb. 10th 2012

    written by volker-jp on 2012-01-18

    ...dear friends! I will be away until Feb.10th and can't reply and check on your new stuff on a regular basis. I'll try if there's time and connection! Have a good one everybody! see you soon with a big bunch of new pics!

  • ...out of reach till January 3rd...

    written by volker-jp on 2011-12-29

    Dear friends, I'll be out of reach until the 3rd of january. I'll come back to you as soon as possible... Miss checking your new stuff already. Until then! Have a good one !

  • ...wouldn't it be nice to have a big sister for the lca+ ...

    written by volker-jp on 2011-12-21

    i don't remember if it was written before, I think to have read a comment on that one day by clickiemcpete, but wouldn't it be nice that the beloved lca+ would have a sister for 120film. that would be a great easter, christmas summer, whatever thing for 2012. LSI go for it!!!! what you guys think about?