• ¡¡¡A la playa!!!

    shared by alehopgm on 2012-09-11

    Es verano, y los ceutíes vamos a la playa todos los días, es prácticamente una obligación si vives con mi madre. ¡Pero bendita obligación la de ir a la playa y comerse unas sardinitas en el chiringuito! PD: Ojo a la nueva lomógrafa!

  • Hervanta

    shared by alvaro_diso on 2013-04-13

    Some photos from a forgotten film from my year student in my beloved Tampere. Great to see that even if I left this country, I can still develope films from such great moments

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    shared by gocchin on 2013-09-20

    self film swap between Nagano-Japan(snow mountains) and Hong Kong.

  • Sunset

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  • double with blue sky!!!

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  • a new camera.

    shared by rvdyvo1985 on 2013-08-09

    Second try with an adox Color implosion's roll... I choose to load it in the Canon AE-1, that my father give to me. It was my first experience with this great camera. The labo told me that a problem occured during the processing, it's the reason why some photos have stains. It's strange and unexpected. but voilà...

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  • NEW YORK NEW YORK by LC-A+ Vol.2

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