Dream Date

Dear Lomography Society Judges,

should I (we) be the lucky one(s) to win this competition, I thought we’d spend time and money by doing the following:

We both like to travel, it doesn’t really matter if it’s abroad or a short trip to one of the cities or villages here in our homeland Hungary. So I thought I’d take my girlfriend to Esztergom, possibly the most beautiful city in Hungary. Since it lies just west of where the Danube ‘bends’ (turns to south), on the shore of the river, I thought we could go there in a refurbished but aesthetically older style hydrofoil. It would be really romantic to travel up the river, the sun would shine and the breeze would be light.

Credits: vidrarvel

As Esztergom’s world famous and stunningly nice basilica is situated on a hill beside the river, we would go up to the look-out tower where the view would just be beautiful. (We’d see both the city and the river banks with its natural surroundings.) We could even do panoramic shots with our beloved Dianas, just like we did this summer in Croatia. In the photos is my girlfriend, Julia.)

Credits: vidrarvel

We’d also have a lovely lunch at a really nice restaurant.

For the evening, I thought we’d go and see a stand-up comedy show back in Budapest starring her two favourite Hungarian performers, Zoltan Kohalmi and Peter Felmeri. We’d also have dinner there.

Where else does Lomography come into question? (Aside from being as kind to support my dream date of course and besides taking pictures with our Actionsampler, Diana F+ – lovely Hong Meuw type -, Diana Mini and Smenas.)

Well, at a date – I think – men should give personal presents, which shouldn’t necessarily be huge in price or size, but rather be something surprising or thoughtful. Julia has been a fan of fisheye photography ever since we took up lomography. We haven’t really had the chance to pick a fisheye camera up so far though. So I thought I’d surprise her with a Fisheye No. 2 and three rolls of redscale film (also in the center of her attention nowadays). We’d also have a pack of ISO 800 colour negatives to document our dream date. :) )

Fisheye No. 2 – EUR 69
Lomography Color Negative 800 35mm (Pack of 3) – EUR 9
Lomography Redscale 100 35mm (Pack of 3) – EUR 9
Boat trip to Esztergom and back to Budapest – EUR 45
Ticket to the basilica of Esztergom – EUR 6
Lunch at a restaurant – EUR 60
Dinner at the stand-up club (with tickets to the show as well) – EUR 52

Which makes up exactly 250 Euros.

Please, please, let this dream date come true. Let me surprise my girlfriend and let us take many-many beautiful, vibrant, lovely, colourful pictures, both ‘set-up’ and unexpected.

Yours truly,
Tamas Arki

written by vidrarvel on 2011-08-21