Diana F+ with different lenses on 35mm

Hello Everyone!

Tamas here. I got my astonishingly mind-blowing Hong Meow Diana F+ in a deluxe package with the different lenses and the 35mm back almost a week ago. I’ve been reading around among the tipsters and reviews about how different frames can be on 35mm when shot with a ‘big’ Diana.

Either I haven’t looked thoroughly enough or there is no article dealing with how an image looks when photographed with the different lenses, so I thought I’d try giving you a detailed outline on what difference it makes, shooting on 35mm with the Diana F+’s different lenses. (Obviously there are articles giving you mathematical and practical equations about the 110mm Tele ‘behaving’ like a 200mm super tele but – to my best knowledge – there’s no article dealing with this while giving illustrations.)

So this is going to be my first tipster, as soon as I finish shooting on the current roll of Lomography X-Pro Chrome, I’ll get a normal pack of 35’s and start shooting.

Till then, all the best,

written by vidrarvel on 2011-08-17