I know it's over a month now, but the victofry of the french team in the World Cup was really a great moment. I was already in Montreal for the final game and I was really surprised about the enthusiasm and support from the people of Quebec for France. Of course, a lot of french live here, but there were also a lot of native canadians. The game was played at 10 AM on the Island of Notre-Dame (where the F1 Grand Prix takes place as well) and it was sayed in the newspaper that around 10000 people attended there to see the game. The crowd was impressive indeed, and the mood fantastic. And when the victory of France became a reality, and not only a hope anymore, the joy was extreme. After the game, everybody went to one of the main avenues of Montreal, the Av. Saint Denis, and it was like feeling on the Champs-Elysées as it was absolutely full of happy and joyful people, celebrating the 2nd World Cup victory of France. The party on the street lasted till the evening and I managed to shoot 3 rolls of film of this great event.

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