This place symbolizes the turning point of the History of Raiatea island. On this exact place were stands the church of Tevaitoa was before a marae, that means a sacred religious tahitian center. The missionaries built their church in the mid 19th century on this marae to erase the traditional polynesian religion and force the people to practice the christian/protestant religion. On this area also found place the ultimate battle between the warriors of the Raiatea tribe against the french army in the year 1897 (16th of february to be precise). The french army won and thus Raiatea became a french territory. To commemorate this battle, the polynesian authority built a monument (in fact a big rock symbolizing the savage and natural identity of Raiatea) opposite the church to make a memorial for the raiatean warriors who died during this final battle, hoping to preserve the independancy of Raiatea.

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