1. nazanin
    nazanin ·

    The entire album is fantastic. Can I ask which type of Minolta camera you used for these? Great work

  2. victoriaschofield
    victoriaschofield ·

    hey! it was on my minolta dynax 4 :)

  3. nazanin
    nazanin ·

    Thanks for the response! These are music mag-worthy, do you work in the industry?! Well, I'm assuming you scored a camera pit space. It's almost impossible to get such results otherwise.

  4. victoriaschofield
    victoriaschofield ·

    ahh!! thank you so much! I want to work within the music industry for definite, just not had the opportunity to as of yet, but I shot these for a website I run - www.theleftoversessions.co.uk - to be honest I wasn't expecting these results, I've not shot at a festival like this and the stage was bloody high. Didn't really think my lens would do so well when I saw other photographers kits (and some even had stools to stand on!) but i got lucky!

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