Happy Accidents

I was at dinner the other night with some “lomo-”friends when someone asked whether or not everyone else preferred to shoot their 120mm film with 12 or 16 frames. Some liked 12 for the larger images while others preferred to get more bang for their film buck by shooting 16. I had to cop to doing both. I tend to use my Diana F+ w/out a mask to shoot 12 images while I keep my Holga 120 CFN set to 16. As it happened, suspected that a roll I had just shot the previous weekend on my Holga was going to have overlapping images b/c I got confused (too many afternoon martinis?) and changed the switch on the back mid-roll.

Credits: usestangerines

As a result, I ended up with some pretty neat overlapped images, the one above being my particular favorite. It was a complete accident that I shot a working model of a sailing vessel from the 1800s (?) over an image of a modern shipping barge.

Credits: usestangerines

This is my second favorite from the roll. I accidentally managed to take a family portrait w/out even trying!

written by usestangerines on 2011-04-06